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Coping through Crafting

Wednesdays, April 22 through May 27

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm EDT

This 6-week support group is limited to 6 participants and meets via GoToMeeting. By joining this group, you commit to attend all six 60-minute sessions.


Many of us are turning to creative practices and making things to seek purpose and meaning during this time of uncertainty and anxiety. Making things can help us cultivate feelings of control, purpose, and calm. In this group, we come together to lend each other support and accountability, and to help each other cultivate a craft practice that feels purposeful, meaningful, and connected. That could be learning to code or knit, picking up an instrument, baking bread, creative writing, or anything else you feel motivated to do.

We will check in with each other, notice what's helping us stay grounded, develop ideas and intentions for our creative practices, troubleshoot and problem solve how to make those practices work for us, share our projects, and reflect on how those practices are supporting and sustaining us.

This group is for anyone who feels restless or aimless right now, excited about the idea of making things as a strategy for coping with home isolation, and ready to spend at least a few hours a week developing a creative project or practice. It's not necessary to have an existing creative practice or even to know what you want to make or do. The group will begin by reflecting on the strengths, resources, and ideas each person brings to identify possibilities.

The group is run by Miriam Zisook, LCSW. Miriam is a psychotherapist and designer, and she enjoys bringing these two things together in her work to explore how design practices can impact mental health.

Parenting During Pandemic

Wednesdays, April 22 through May 27

7:00 pm to 8:15 pm EDT

This 6-week support group is limited to 6 participants and meets via GoToMeeting. By joining this group, you commit to attend all six 75-minute sessions.


Our lives have quickly and dramatically changed, and yet most parents feel like the expectations placed on them have only increased. Whether you were staying at home with a child before COVID-19, or working full time out of the house while your child attended school or daycare, your life has changed and stress has increased.

This group provides a safe space for parents to process their anxieties about the current world situation, along with the new and daily struggles of parenting. The goal will be to provide support and resources to help us through this unusual moment.

Tara Redepenning is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and the Clinical Supervisor at Looking Glass Counseling. Tara has worked with women’s health, pregnancy and postpartum issues, parenting, anxiety, depression, and trauma. She is relational, client-centered, and empathetic. In addition to her experience as a therapist, Tara is the mother of an immuno-compromised child and has experience parenting and working from home while keeping a child isolated and safe.

Pregnancy During Pandemic

Thursdays, April 16 through May 21

4:00 pm to 5:15 pm EDT

This 6-week support group is limited to 6 participants and meets via GoToMeeting. By joining this group, you commit to attend all six 75-minute sessions.


You never expected to encounter a global pandemic during your pregnancy, but here we are. This support group can offer you a place to connect with other women in similar circumstances, make space for processing feelings, learn strategies that promote mental health, and prepare for this change in your family.

This group is led by Vicky Brandt, owner of Looking Glass Counseling. Vicky is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and has been practicing as a psychotherapist for 15 years. She specializes in working with pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting issues, as well as trauma. Her approach is one of non-judgment, curiosity, and openness.

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