T. Lee Shostack, LICSW


T.Lee’s therapeutic approach recognizes human beings as fundamentally social and relational: that we have the capacity to both build community and create environments that can transform our emotional pain. They hope you will feel heard, supported, and strengthened through their empathetic, collaborative, strengths-based, and non-pathologizing work.

Over the last ten years, their work has centered on creating non-judgmental, inclusive spaces for all people, all relationship and family structures, body sizes, genders, sexualities, races, abilities, and health statuses. T. Lee works with a wide range of issues including relationship challenges, gender identity, sexual orientation, body image, anxiety, depression, substance use, and trauma.

T.Lee believes strongly that regardless of age, situation, or prior diagnosis, everyone has the ability to grow emotionally throughout their entire lives. She  works with people to see living itself as an ongoing creative act, and believes that we are all capable of new, more effective and satisfying ways of being in the world. She also understands that personal struggles relate to larger societal structures, and works to expose the dominant worldview messages that impact us all.

T.Lee’s methodologies include liberation psychology, relational, humanistic, and narrative therapies, performance activism, harm reduction, social therapy, motivational interviewing, and positive psychology. They are a registered HAES (Health At Every Size) practitioner of fat liberation.

People who work with T.Lee are frequently interested in achieving their greatest potential, and discovering their purpose and meaning in life as an antidote to their emotional pain. She can’t wait to partner with you on your journey.