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Lisa Coppola, LMHC, MA PGS
Clinical Supervisor/Therapist 


Lisa is a licensed psychotherapist who brings many years of clinical and community experience to sessions through her work in the field of mental health and dual diagnosis. She strongly believes in the strength and change that comes from getting in deeper touch with our creativity, exploring the authenticity within ourselves, and investigating the narratives that culture may have imposed onto us collectively and as individuals.


Lisa has directed and facilitated several dual diagnosis programs in Massachusetts, working closely with clients and their families as they navigate the chaos that comes with substance abuse and addiction. She also has created and facilitated spirituality-centered recovery groups for organizations in Cambridge and Boston. In addition she also has years of expertise counseling adult adoptees and others touched in any way by adoption. 


Lisa draws upon a variety of approaches including relational, cultural, and transpersonal theories. She is trained in narrative therapy, has completed a one-year training in dialogic practice, and is a certified Problem Gambling Specialist. She utilizes a blend of motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and expressive writing interventions when appropriate. 


Lisa specializes in working with grief and loss, anxiety, trauma, cultural issues, addictive behaviors and impulse control disorders, family members affected by addiction, co-dependency, adult adoptees, and psychosis. 

Lisa is the published author of Voices Unheard: A Reflective Journal for Adult Adoptees. This one-of-a-kind tool features weekly journal prompts utilizing techniques from narrative therapy, “parts” theories and other proven tools to help adult adoptees explore and move through complex experiences such as: considering reunion, boundaries, rejection, problems with intimacy, and much more. You can read an interview with Lisa and Severance and purchase the paperback or ebook here

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