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Daniel Hope, MA


Daniel received a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Lesley University. He entered the field of counseling after years of work in academia and holds a previous graduate degree in political science. Having spent many years attempting to make sense of life largely through an intellectual lens, Daniel found that understanding a person’s place in the world should also include how experiences are held in the heart. While it can be useful to analyze one’s past and recognize patterns of behavior, transformation is not a strictly intellectual process. To make space for exploring deeper emotional resonances, Daniel uses mindfulness practices to quiet the mind, helping people engage with their challenges holistically and offering new paths toward self-acceptance.

Daniel strives to make each client feel fully heard and understood; he dedicates himself to joining his clients and to examining the problems and struggles they confront collaboratively. He brings experience working with young adults in transition, including undergraduate and graduate students. Daniel has a firsthand appreciation for the complexity of parenthood and how raising children can call into question aspects of a parent’s own identity. He is also interested in working with individuals on the autism spectrum.

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to sit with another human being, and Daniel has an appreciation for the strength it takes to seek support through therapy. He is committed to seeing the positive and finding sources of resiliency in others while honoring the pain and struggles that often motivate others to seek help. 

Daniel is working toward independent licensure as a mental health professional. During that time, he is operating under the license of his clinical supervisor. 

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