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Daphne Weaver, LMHC
Clinical Supervisor/Therapist


Daphne received her master's degree in clinical mental health counseling with a specialization in trauma studies from Lesley University. She spent the past several years in an array of mental health settings including community mental health, middle schools and high schools, universities, and non-profits. She has worked with a range of clients (from age five to age eighty) with a variety of needs, including depression, borderline personality disorder, dissociative identity, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and many other disorders. Daphne is passionate about providing care for clients during the perinatal period and supporting people with postpartum or parenting stress. 


Daphne’s philosophy is that there is no age limit on when individuals can make changes in their lives. She is a proponent for developing identity, better understanding the experience of one's time on the planet, fostering patience and self-compassion, and autonomy to live one’s best life. She does so primarily by incorporating relational and cognitive behavioral therapies as well as other helpful interventions as needed.

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