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Gaby Sloss, PsyD


Gaby is a clinical psychologist and is trained in psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral modalities. She uses an integrative approach to best serve each client’s unique needs. She believes in helping clients understand how their early childhood and attachment experiences may impact how they currently relate to themselves and others. She feels it can be empowering to then determine with clients what ways of relating do and do not serve them anymore in order to make change. She also has a deep appreciation for Buddhist teachings and practice and brings these elements into her work. In addition, Gaby also acknowledges societal contexts and oppressive systems and their impact on clients’ experiences.

Gaby is excited to work with and support anyone who is interested in embarking on the therapy journey. She is particularly passionate about working with clients who are dealing with burnout of any kind, are seeking to set boundaries, identify as sensitive, are exploring their identities, engage in social justice work or are graduate school students. She also has experience in supporting people who are living with impactful anxiety or can be hard on themselves, are navigating relational difficulties or life/career transitions or are struggling with grief and loss. Gaby strives to always be working on herself alongside her clients and is committed to continuously building her sensitivity and competence in working with people across all identities.

Gaby works to help her clients feel compassion, gentleness and love for themselves and their emotions. She values being a supportive and encouraging teammate to walk with her clients through their lives and to ease the daunting nature of making change.

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