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Hillary Brown, LICSW
Clinical Supervisor/Therapist


Hillary is an adaptive and playful therapist interested in helping her clients improve their interpersonal relationships as well as their relationship with themself. Hillary is unapologetically fat-friendly, LGBTQ+ affirming and committed to noticing the systemic stressors of our world that can exacerbate mental health symptoms. Together with her client, Hillary detects what changes can be made while fostering safety during life phases that bring a lack of control. 


Hillary attended Boston College and has been practicing clinical social work for over five years. Hillary feels confident supporting people with OCD, phobias, substance use disorders, anxiety, depression, grief reactions (due to deaths, homelessness, unemployment, etc.), relationship troubles and caregiver stress.

Hillary integrates multiple styles of therapy including Exposure Response Prevention, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Existential Therapy, mindfulness skills and harm reduction in order to increase clients' resilience to uncertainty, stuck-ness and self-judgement.

Hillary is also excited to be offering couples therapy for clients in search of improving relationship communication, intimacy and growth. Couples therapy can be utilized for a wide range of goals; from polyamory to pre-marriage counseling to compassionate separation and beyond. Hillary's style is to work with each couple differently to assess their specific needs and provide them non-judgmental care. 

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