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Sophie Goff, LMFT
Clinical Director/Therapist


Sophie has over 11 years of experience providing individual, couples and family therapy to clients of all ages in all levels of need. She aims to provide support to clients who are dedicated to the establishment and maintenance of growth through behavioral and emotional change. Sophie is highly committed to the cultivation of self awareness in therapy and a focus on supporting clients with activating newfound insight into all aspects of their lives.


She is a family systems therapist at her core, which means that sees people as a part of an interconnected network of relationships, past and present, that contribute to how they operate.


Sophie works from a strengths-based, client-centered perspective, meaning the therapeutic alliance and the client's intentions for therapy are at the core of her practice. She infuses Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral (DBT) and Solution-Focused interventions into her practice. She is eclectic in her approach to ensure that she is providing the most intentional and personalized care to support each person's path to progress.


Sophie has experience working with depression, anxiety, pregnancy & parenting, substance use and ADHD. During her career, she has cultivated specialties in working with grief and trauma. She also has extensive experience working with neurodiverse clients and LGBTQ+ clients. In her work as a couples therapist, she is comfortable and experienced supporting LGBTQ+ clients and non-traditional relationship structures. 

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