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Vicky Brandt, LMHC



Vicky is the owner of Looking Glass Counseling. She has over 15 years of experience working as a psychotherapist, both in private practice and community mental health settings. She has taught as adjunct faculty in the master's programs at Boston College and Lesley University.


Vicky specializes in working with people who have experienced trauma and attachment disruptions. She holds a certificate in traumatic stress studies, is a certified rape crisis counselor and is fully trained in EMDR. She has also completed the level 1 and 2 trainings in Internal Family Systems therapy. She is currently completing advanced training in attachment work, using the DARe method (Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning experience). She brings this trauma-informed lens to her work, which includes understanding the physical and emotional responses to both long-term and single-incident trauma.

For over a decade, Vicky has also been committed to working with women during pregnancy and the postpartum period. She understands the particular challenges that can come with having a child, including fertility struggles, traumatic birth experiences, postpartum depression and anxiety, bonding and attachment issues, and identity shifts as one becomes a parent. She has completed post-graduate training in maternal mental health.

Vicky is passionate about her work and approaches sessions with an attitude of curiosity, openness and respect. She believes that therapy is a collaborative effort, and works hard to achieve a healthy balance of support and challenge to encourage growth and healing.

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