Group Programs

NOW ENROLLING! We are pleased to offer a variety of group sessions online or in-person. Please click below or scroll down for more information.


Mindfulness for More Peace

For individuals 18+ who struggle with anxiety

Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30 pm

Currently enrolling for Fall 2022. 


This group is focused on providing resources for mindfulness and meditation practices. Our hope is that this group will serve as an introduction to the beneficial practices of mindfulness and meditation, as well as a refuge during a time of increased stress and anxiety. This will be a space to find like-minded others who are oriented towards thriving in a life with anxiety.


The goals of this group include: 

  • increasing your sense of well-being

  • reducing your perceived anxiety

  • increasing your connection with social supports

  • increasing your use and knowledge of mindfulness skills for coping with stressors

  • decreasing concentration concerns associated with anxiety and 

  • increasing focus through regular meditation practices that strengthen the brain.


Planned topics include: 

  • basic education about anxiety

  • mindfulness (mindfulness "mini-breaks") and meditation (including sound meditation and body scan meditation)

  • learning grounding practices

  • breath work

  • emotional acceptance and radical acceptance

  • self-compassion and loving-kindness practices

  • self-care and coping during crises

Participant maximum 12.

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Led by Melissa Nilles, LMHC

Cost: $400 for 12 sessions


Exploring Asian (AAPI) Mental Health and Identity Group

For individuals identifying as AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander)

Mondays 4:30-6pm, biweekly via Google Meet

Currently enrolling, will start when sufficient enrollment is reached.

Over the past few years, there has been a growing visibility of AAPIs (Asian American Pacific Islanders) in social and political media, bringing forward more discussions of "Asian" mental health and identity. This processing group hopes to create a safe space for participants to share and reflect on their lived experiences and connect around differences in racialization and cultural narratives.


Participants are encouraged each session to give and receive support for their current experiences; some sessions may include discussion of, but are not limited to: AAPI Hate, Model Minority Myth, Biculturalism (e.g. Asian and American cultural values and differences), Gratitude and Shame and more. If you identify as AAPI and are interested in exploring and gaining support for your thoughts and feelings on Asian mental health and identity, please consider joining this group.


This is a long-term bi-weekly support group. As the goal of this group is to build strong relationships and work towards longevity, we ask all members to commit to attend the group for at least 4 months. Participant minimum 5; maximum 8. 


Led by My Nguyen Nguyen, LMHC

Cost: $35 per group


Letting Go of Anxiety Group

For individuals 18+ who struggle with anxiety

Mondays, 5 - 6:15pm

Currently enrolling for Fall 2022

Do you find it hard to make decisions and often overthink things? Do you find yourself getting caught in negativity or anxiety spirals? Does worry about relationships, work, your health, success or other aspects of life keep you up at night? If so, you’re not alone and we welcome you to join us for this 12-week group that addresses anxiety from the inside out. 

In this group you will learn to reduce anxiety using processes and tools to build confidence in your ability to trust yourself, identify feelings, meet your needs and effectively engage in relationships through improved communication skills and boundary setting.

This group includes time for sharing from personal experience, relating with, connecting to and learning from other group members. We will also work together to practice new skills and ways of thinking and acting that are proven to reduce anxiety. Participant maximum 12

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Led by Amanda Jacobson, LMHC

Cost: $450 for 12 sessions


Quarter-Life Women's Support Group

For female-identifying people ages 22-29

Tuesdays, 7:30-9:00pm, in-person in our Davis Square office

Dates: Ongoing

Currently enrolling

Reaching quarter-life comes with an abundance of challenges: adjusting to adulthood, navigating a career, creating and maintaining meaningful friendships and romantic relationships, learning how to care for oneself amidst competing needs, and asking bigger questions about the future. This group is designed to be a long-term process group where members can explore and support each other in navigating these aspects of life. Group topics include, but are not limited to: career, friendships, family relationships, dating and romantic relationships, and independence. As the goal of this group is to build strong relationships and work towards longevity, we ask all members to commit to attend the group for at least 3 months. Participant minimum 5; maximum 8.


Led by Bethany Kregiel, LMHC

Cost: $35 per group


Women's Support Group

For female-identifying people ages 30-39

Wednesdays, 7:30 to 9:00pm, online via GoToMeeting

Dates: Ongoing

Currently full. Please enter email below to be added to the
waiting list. 

This group is a long-term weekly support group that has been running
for almost 8 years. It is comprised of a strong group of women who are travelling through the same life stages together and are supporting each other along the way. We discuss relationships, family, career, loss, body image, mental health, and more. Typically members remain in this group for several years, and we ask for an up-front commitment of 3 months. Participant maximum 8. 


Led by Vicky Brandt, LMHC

Cost: $35 per group