Online Programs

Educators' Support Group


For K-12 teachers, paras, aides, specialists, administrators

Fridays, 4:30 to 5:30pm via Zoom

The group for fall 2020 is full. If you are interested in joining in Jan 2021, please enter your email below. 


This era of pandemic, political uncertainty, and heightened awareness of racial injustice is a profoundly difficult time to be an educator. This group is for people who work in K-12 schools to come together and offer mutual aid and support, facilitated by a clinician with experience in schools so you can rest your facilitator brain and receive support. We'll come together weekly to vent and validate, offer and receive support from other people in similar situations, and explore coping, self-soothing, and community-care strategies for coping with this overwhelming role. Commitment for fall semester required. Participant minimum 5; maximum 9.


Led by Miriam Zisook, LCSW

Cost: $30 per group

Quarter-Life Women's Support Group

For female-identifying people ages 23-28

Tuesdays, 7:30 to 9:00pm via Google Meet

This group is currently full. Please enter your email below to be added to the waiting list. 

Reaching quarter-life comes with an abundance of challenges: adjusting to adulthood, navigating a career, creating and maintaining meaningful friendships and romantic relationships, learning how to care for oneself amidst competing needs, and asking bigger questions about the future. This group is designed to be a long-term process group where members can explore and support each other in navigating these aspects of life. Group topics include, but are not limited to: career, friendships, family relationships, dating and romantic relationships, and independence. As the goal of this group is to build strong relationships and work towards longevity, we ask all members to commit to attend the group for at least 3 months. Participant minimum 5; maximum 8.


Led by Bethany Kregiel, LMHC

Cost: $35 per group

Identity Workshops

In today’s climate, more than ever we are having conversations about justice and disparity and our part in it all. The mental health impact of these circumstances include cognitive dissonance, anxiety, and depression. To help bridge this gap and provide a space to address and dialog around these important issues, we invite you to consider joining one or both of our Identity Workshops and expand your discourse around self-identity, culture, and mental health.


Identity Corners

Friday, October 23, 2:00 to 3:30pm, via Google Meet

The purpose of this workshop is to help locate your identity within our sociopolitical climate. In this workshop, we will explore 10 core identities (e.g., race, ethnicity, class, gender) and where we stand within each. How do your identities intersect with each other and with those around you? How can we broaden our understanding of the personal facets that influence our decisions, lives, and the people we interact with? Join this workshop if you are interested in an expansive journey towards identity development.



Race and Mental Health

Friday, November 13, 4 to 5:30pm, via Google Meet

With this workshop, we will focus on two core identities: race and mental health. The purpose of this workshop is to engage in meaningful, candid conversations around race and how its increasing prevalence in today’s public discourse has prompted myriad reactions. From feelings of helplessness or hopelessness to empowerment, this workshop creates a space to explore how our mental health is responding to the changes we’re both observing and participating in. What is “enough” and how is that measured against burnout, guilt, and trauma? Join this workshop if you are interested in a more focused exploration of race and mental health.



Led by My Nguyen Nguyen, LMHC and Miriam Zisook, LCSW

Cost: $10 per workshop

All proceeds go toward our scholarship fund to provide low-cost therapeutic support to clients with limited financial resources

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