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Winter 2020 Support Groups
in Davis Square

Women's Empowerment:
Shifting the Narrative

Trans/queer friendly, womxn identifying


Monday evenings, February 24 - March 30
7:00 to 8:30 pm


This group is focused on exploring the negative narratives we construct that keep us stressed, anxious, or feeling we aren’t good enough. Through creative and mindful practices, we will address our inner challenges in order to reconnect to our authentic selves and how we want to show up in the world. We will explore themes of mindfulness, agency, and empowerment to shift the narrative to one that is positive and confident. We will develop self-care practices to ground and nourish us in our everyday lives. Sessions include art therapy, writing, and mindfulness practices. Topics and techniques:

  • Identifying negative narratives

  • Disrupting limiting beliefs and manifesting confidence

  • Self care, agency, and embodied connection 

  • Art therapy, meditation, and reflective writing

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Led by Alex Norby, LMHC, ATR-BC

Cost: $330

Includes one phone consultation, six 90-minute group sessions, and supplies

Writing on Loss:
Therapeutic Bereavement Group

Thursday evenings, February 13 - March 19

6:45 to 8:00 pm


Deep loss never goes away. We feel it sharply and immensely some days and are numb on others. The healing from loss comes through the actual feeling of the loss. Without opportunities to deeply feel and grieve, these feelings can become lodged inside and suppressed. In these six sessions, group members are invited to access feelings of loss and grief in a safe and supportive setting. Feelings will be accessed through sharing work, discussion, and guided writing prompts, with an emphasis on grounding techniques. Members will be asked to continue at home on the writing they started in the group. Group is limited to four participants. Group members are highly recommended to also be in individual therapy. 

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Led by Lisa Coppola, LMHC

Cost: $360

Includes one phone consultation, six 75-minute group sessions, and one 45-minute individual session after group concludes.