• Bethany Kregiel

How to Maintain Mental Health When Traveling

As summertime arrives in earnest, you may be getting ready to head to the beach or jet to another country. While vacations are often restful and relaxing, they can also throw off any practices we engage in to maintain our mental health. Here are some tips to stay connected to your mental health when traveling:

  • Take space: If you’re traveling with others, you’ll be more exposed to social situations than you would be at home. Taking a little time to yourself is a good way to recharge.

  • Maintain healthy sleep and food habits: On a trip, there’s so much to see, eat, and drink. But late nights and binge eating or drinking will interfere with feeling good enough to fully experience everything. Practice moderation.

  • Unplug: Social media culture lends itself to sharing all aspects of vacations. However, posting everything interrupts our ability to stay present. Practice mindfulness by soaking in the details with your mind, not your phone.

Make sure you pack your mental health toolkit in your vacation bag, and happy travels!

Bethany Kriegel, LMHC, earned her master’s degree in mental health counseling from Boston College. She has experience working with adults in residential treatment settings, helping those struggling with eating disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder, among other issues.

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