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Three Ways to Survive the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and while it can bring joy, connection, and love, it also presents challenges to mental health. Here are three things to stay mindful about during the holiday season: 

  1. Maintain routine: Many people feel bad about themselves at the end of the holiday season because they’ve eaten more than usual, slept less than usual, and demolished any sense of routine they had before the holidays. While it’s okay to take a break from the rhythms of everyday life, try to not let the holiday season derail you too much. Try to maintain at least one part of your regular routine, whether that’s sleep, exercise, or eating patterns. 

  2. Maintain boundaries: The holiday season brings family and friends together from all over, which may mean that you’ll see people who create conflict or negativity in your life. It’s okay to maintain boundaries with these people; the holidays don’t require you to be suddenly close to everyone in your circle. 

  3. Be present: The holiday season usually comes with commotion and sometimes anxiety. You may be worried about gift-giving or resolutions for the new year. These things tend to interfere with our ability to enjoy the present moment as is. So, while you’re enjoying the holidays, take a moment to be fully present.


Bethany Kriegel, LMHC, earned her master’s degree in mental health counseling from Boston College. She has experience working with adults in residential treatment settings, helping those struggling with eating disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder, among other issues.

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