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World Hearing Day 03/03

Ear and hearing care for all! According to the World Health Organization, World Hearing Day was created to “raise awareness on how to prevent deafness and hearing loss and promote ear and hearing care across the world”. Here are some facts from WHO about deafness and hearing loss:

  • Ear and hearing problems are among the most common problems encountered in the community.

  • Over 60% of these can be identified and addressed at the primary level of care.

  • Integration of ear and hearing care into primary care services is possible through training and capacity building at this level.

  • Such integration will benefit people and help countries move towards the goal of universal health coverage.

In addition to the WHO website publishing and sharing resources on navigating hearing loss and deafness, here are a few suggestions WHO suggests we can do to foster healthy hearing:

The Do’s:

  • Use ear plugs

  • Check your hearing regularly

  • Wear your hearing aids regularly, when advised

  • See a doctor if you have ear or hearing problems

The Don’ts:

  • Put cotton buds, oil, sticks, or pins inside your ears

  • Swim or wash in dirty water

  • Share earphones or earplugs

  • Listen to loud sounds or loud music

As a therapist, I remind people that preventative care is good care for physical wellness which can contribute to mental/emotional wellness. When we take time to care for all parts of our bodies, we have the ability to supplement wellness throughout our whole being - inside and out.

In contrast, I also want to acknowledge that in navigating hearing loss and deafness that for those who experience such, I want to celebrate the diversity found in deaf culture and American Sign Language. To learn about how to celebrate deafness and deaf culture, check out the post I wrote on 09/2022 here.


Lou Lim, LMHC, REAT is a licensed mental health counselor and registered expressive arts therapist (REAT) with a master's degree in Expressive Therapy and Mental Health Counseling from Lesley University. He is a member of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association and on the committee for REAT credentialing. He has 13 years of experience in counseling and expressive therapy working with children, adolescents, teenagers, adults, and retirees.

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